Busty Nurse Dawn Allison

Busty nurse Dawn Allison starts to disrobe for her patient

Dawn Allison plays a busty nurse who dutifully serves her patient. Today’s check-up might be more preventative than to combat any symptoms. Busty nurse Dawn Allison knows that for a man to stay healthy he must orgasm regularly and she has the techniques for coaxing out that cum!

She starts by slowly unbuttoning her semi-see-thru uniform. She stops halfway down to untie the cord around her waist, before returning to slowly undo the last of the buttons. Finally, she opens out her sexy uniform showing off those impressive, natural breasts, each nipple covered by a discreet red cross…

Dawn Allison opening up her nurses uniform to show off her big natural breasts

The submissive nurse is experienced enough to know that this patient, in particular, is in need of an orgasm, and she notices the effect the striptease has on his stiffening cock…

Sexy MILF, Dawn Allison, has red cross pasties on her nipples

She sits herself down on the bed next to her patient and gently starts to rub on the hardening shaft with her fingertips. There may be nothing wrong with this patient but the diligent and busty nurse Dawn Allison is going to make him cum. Milking his cock til it erupts in this precautionary medical check-up.

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It’s a hot, lazy day and there’s nothing that needs to be done. You’re alone with sexy, big-boobed amateur, Dawn Allison out in the back yard. Dawn is soaking up the rays as she lies on the grass but you’re both horny. Dawn comes up with an idea. She needs a new update for her website so why don’t you just let her suck your cock right there in the back yard!? Dawn may be an amateur but with her experience she is an expert at blowjobs. She soon has your cock rock hard in her firm grasp and is reaching into her handbag for a handy bottle of lube. It’s a hot, hot day but Dawn is making it the hottest ever…

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Luckily for us this movie is crystal clear and huge because it is Dawn’s first ever HD movie. The high definition is not wasted. As her skillful lips go to work she fills the whole screen as she sucks, jerks and hoovers up all of the cum.

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Dawn Allison

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Busty Dawn like’s nothing better than to greet her husband after a hard day’s work with a fantastic blowjob. The sexy brunette MILF is ready and waiting on the sofa when he walks into the living room. She welcomes him warmly and smiles as she bares those luscious, full breasts then sinks to her knees and begins to work on his quickly hardening cock. This happy homemaker is more than happy to do her wifely duty and she loves the satisfaction she brings to her lover, after all, when she said that she would honour and obey this is exactly what she was talking about. What better way to honour a hard cock than to caress it with her supple fingers, slide it between her big breasts and suck on the helmet. This lady pumps and sucks that cock with vigour, smiling broadly as she lovingly gives head, only stopping when, at last, her persistent jerks finally make him shoot his load all over her pretty face…

Dutiful, busty housewife Dawn Allison sucks cock gallery

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