Golden Girls XXX Parody

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If you like horny older women then what better than the most famous set of older ladies, The Golden Girls, finally in their own XXX parody.

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Golden Girls: A XXX Parody! – When you put Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia together, the sarcasm and silliness will fly. But add in Dorothy’s lesbian friend, Jean, and you will have some of the hottest MILF sex you have ever seen! Jean comes for a visit, but it gets awkward when she reveals that she is in love with Rose. So, the girls try to show Jean that a studly man almost half their ages can fill a void that another woman just can’t reach. And are those voids ever filled! The Golden Girls become The Golden Cougars as they fuck their way through all of the young man-meat that they can handle. But will they bring Jean over to the cock side? Thank them for being such whores! Your favorite TV grannies become cum-guzzling super slutty MILFs in the Parody that you will never want to retire!

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Gorgeous MILFs Natalie and Toni in Holiday Hunting

Gorgeous MILFs Toni and Natalie show up for their Xmas threesome

It’s Christmas again and what better to help you with the festivities than two horny MILFs, Natalie and Toni. These two busty amateurs show up at the front door and are ready to party. They are two of Santa’s sexiest helpers and it is not long before they have stripped off their clothes to put on their Xmas “uniform”…

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The two MILFs love it when the holiday spirit is deep inside them. The MILH Hunter fucks them both and serves them with some of the finest eggnog.

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Three sides of naughty Housewife Kelly

Naughty housewife, Kelly Anderson, is a lot of fun and here are just 3 aspects of her personality…

Housewife Kelly gets naughty at the Carwash

First of all, housewife Kelly shows that as well as being pretty and very horny, she can also get down to some serious work around the house. In this case she is cleaning the car. She knows that she will get wet in the process so she begins work in her bikini… She sprays the whole car with water and soap, creating a soapy lather, and as predicted, she gets some splashes on herself and her little bikini. Whether it’s the heat from the water, or the feeling of her sponge as she slides it all over the car’s smooth surface but Kelly is getting very turned on very quickly. She soon has her breasts out of her bikini top and the bottoms down as she gets very dirty on the sparkling clean car.

Housewife Kelly gets naughty at the Carwash – gallery

…If a carwash was enough to get Kelly’s juices flowing then her hot MILF girlfriend, Bambi is sure to turn her on even more…

Kelly Anderson has lesbian fun with her busty girlfriend Bambi

Blonde Bambi comes over for a chat but the two ladies are soon kissing and fondling in the bedroom. One thing leads to another and soon the two pretty housewives are naked and fucking each other with glass dildos. The two trophy wives are very pretty, Kelly is gorgeous and her friend is just as nice with long, blonde hair and perky breasts. Finally, to give her friend a special climax Kelly nestles between her legs and sinks her tongue into her wet pussy to send her overboard into more orgasms…

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…Finally, we see Kelly doing what she does best…

Classy MILF Kelly Anderson sucking cock in little black dress wearing glasses

If it wasn’t enough that Kelly is pretty, good at housework and very turned on, she also proves that her talents go much further than that. Housewife Kelly obviously takes her marriage vows very seriously indeed and she loves getting on all fours and worshipping her husband’s cock. Here, in her little, black dress, pearl necklace and glasses, she looks very smart and classy but she shows that aswell as looking very nice she can also be very pleasing. It looks as if her husband is really appreciating the effort…

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Sophia Santi’s Sexy Lesbian Encounter

Gorgeous busty MILF Sophia Santi gets help to soap her tits in the sun

While it’s still sunny in some parts of the world, who can blame a horny MILF to want to have some fun!? Sophia Santi gets some help from sexy Samantha as she makes use of the weather and starts washing her car. The sexy brunette MILF is perfectly dressed for such work in the blazing sunshine.. she’s wearing her bikini and shades! When a nimble blond babe offers to lend a hand, all the hot, soapy water and bare flesh working all over the vehicle turns both beautiful ladies on. They are soon playing around with the water, letting it run all over both of their tight bodies on the warm summers’ day. And, of course, both sexy babes’ bikinis are sopping wet now… they might as well take them off and really enjoy the beautiful weather. Glamorous MILF Sophia lets the excited blond babe play with her body, getting more and more aroused. Soon, with both ladies naked, hot and wet they leave the car to dry in the drive and head indoors to the bedroom to continue their naked, lesbian frolic in privacy. Luckily for us they are not completely private and we can see their naughty dildo games as both gorgeous babes drive each other crazy by licking their pussies and using those mischievous sextoys…

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Sexy MILF Lunch turns into Sexy Lesbian 3some…

Buddha, Kristen and Bree in this sexy lesbian MILF threesome

When three sexy MILFs get together to celebrate one of their divorces the sexy ladies: Buddha, Kristen and Bree start to get really horny. They’re having lunch in an outdoor part of the restaurant and the hot weather, good food, large breasts and, or course, alcohol are turning them all on. Kristen gets fixated with Buddha’s huge round boobs and it is not long before the two thirtysomethings are making out. All three go back and find some privacy where their skimpy summer dresses come off and their big, heaving bosoms pop out for a sexy MILY lesbian lickfest on the bed…


The lesbian sex is made all the more sweeter for being a threesome, there is always plenty of lip and tongue action titilating clits and nipples aswell as a handy little pocket rocket thrown into the mix too.

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